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To be part of our Shul’s initiative in this regard, please either click this link to indicate the amount you will donate and follow the instructions to actually donate via PayPal Giving Fund ( or by submitting a check directly to the Shul or the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund with the word “Israel” in the memo line (important!).

Supporting Israel 5784

For our next initiative, we are partnering with Tzalash to provide groceries – for the week + Shabbat – and emotional support and counseling for 5 families of soldiers currently serving on the front lines. The financial assistance, coupled with the emotional support, will provide enormous benefit to these incredible families during this difficult time. 

Two examples of families Tzalash will be supporting with your generous help: 

Liat – Liat is married to D, the commander of Duvdevan, one of the IDF’s most elite units. They live in Eli and have 7 children. D was called into action on Simchas Torah when he and many of his soldiers were called to the Gaza border to confront the terrorists. 24 hours later, Liat went into premature labor – likely due to the incredible stress that she was experiencing – and gave birth to a baby girl. The baby remains hospitalized and Liat is balancing being with her baby as well as taking care of her 6 older children. 

Anael – Anael is in her mid 20s and her husband is a commander in Sayeret Tzanchanim, one of the IDF’s commando units. They live in Yerushalayim. Anael’s husband was called into action, as well, on Simchas Torah morning. During the early stages of the fighting her husband was shot in the stomach and miraculously was evacuated under fire a few hours later. He remains hospitalized and in critical condition. 

Anael – 8 months pregnant – remains by his side and she tries to balance all of her other responsibilities. 

We are continuing to find opportunities to help in new ways. Your donations and support have been extraordinary but we still need more!

 Please donate at

Thu, July 25 2024 19 Tammuz 5784