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Audio Files - Rav  Tanchum Cohen

For recent shiurim of Rabbi Tanchum Cohen go to


Links to Rabbi Cohen's recent shiurim can be found as follows: 
- past Parsha Burst shiurim (Monday) are here:

- past Yoreh Deah chaburos (Tuesday) are here:

- past Mesillas Yesharim vaadim (Wednesday) are here: 


Pre-Selichos Kumzitz - Rav Tanchum Cohen - When Mitzvos are a Mystery,
When Desire is Depleted: Re-opening Ourselves with Moshe Rabbeinu &
Dovid Hamelech - Teaneck 8-28-2021 at


Women's shiur on Wednesday 2/17/2021



Monday 5/18
Rabbi Tanchum Cohen -

Miracles and Maturity: why is numbers the best name for Bamidbar


Monday 5/18




Sunday 5/17




Motzei Shabbos 5/16



Friday 5/15



Thursday 5/14




Wednesday 5/13



Sunday 5/10



Wednesday 5/6




Tuesday 4/28




Monday 4/27




Sunday 4/26






Below are the audio files from 4/19/2020


Rav Cohen - The Surprising Relevance of Tzaraas for our Emuna



Below are the audio files from 4/17/2020


Rav Cohen - The Original Sefira, Revisited [pre-Shabbas drasha]



Below are the audio files from 4/13/2020


Rav Cohen - Dry Bones, Renewed and Emerging: Yechezkel's Message for Pesach 5780


Below are the audio files from 4/2/2020


Rav Cohen- Iyun shiur in Inyanei Pesach


Story & Soul: Making Sense of Shir ha-Shirim



Below are the audio files from 4/1/2020

Rabbi Cohen - Hashem's Involvement with Each of Us, Then and Now | Beth Abraham Haggada Shiurim 5780 

Rabbi Cohen- Holy Hishtadlus and Ruach ha-Kodesh | Living and Learning Bitachon #4 

Below are the audio files from 3/31/2020


Rabbi Tanchum Cohen


Below are the audio files from 3/30/2020


Haseiba and Afikoman | Monday Night Iyun - Pesachim #2 - Rav Cohen 

 Click here for the Marei Mekomos for Rav Cohen's Iyun shiur.


Below are the audio files from 3/29/2020


Rav Cohen -2 Opposite Situations, Yet Both Need Chizuk?; What Makes a "Mitzva" in the 613? | Parsha Burst - Tzav #1

Below are the audio files from 3/26/2020


The Ultimate Mussar ... and it's from the Technical Details | Parsha Burst - Vayikra #3 Rav Cohen 3/26

Below are the audio files from 3/25/2020


Rav Cohen Emunah and Bitachon 



Below are the audio files from 3/24/2020


Rav Cohen- Ramban Al Haparshah


Below are the audio files from 3/23/2020


Rav Cohen - Iyun shiur on Bedikas Chametz


Below are the audio files from 3/22/2020


Rav Cohen 9:45 parshah burst


Below are some video files from last week

Rabbi Tanchum Cohen chizuk b'eis tzoro 3/16/2020.mp4

Rabbi Tanchum Cohen Parsha Burst 3/15/2020 .mp4


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