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Architectural Plans

We are happy to be able to offer you the opportunity to review our architectural plans. In addition to the plans, we have made a narrated video description to help you understand better what will be accomplished in the forthcoming construction.

Please click here to review the plans and here for the narrated version.

Please click on the following links to view some color renderings of the exterior, the lobby and the Nusach Sefard Beis Medrash.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.     What are the benefits of this expansion project?

a.       A new social hall on par in size with the rinat social hall

b.       Additional youth rooms all under one roof and increased in size compared to our current space

c.        A new permanent beis medrash always available for learning

d.       An expanded main sanctuary women's section with additional seats and improved views.

e.       A new beis medrash for Nusach Sefard, 25% larger than our current social hall

f.        An additional davening space on the second floor large enough to house either the teen minyan or a youth minyan

g.       A refreshed, updated and expanded men's section in the main sanctuary with 50 additional seats, ability to increase further, new carpeting and improved lighting

h.       More expansive lobby space. 

i.        New bathrooms on both the main and second floors. 

2.       What is the total cost of the project?

a.       It is projected to cost 7.2MM in construction costs with an additional 1MM in soft costs for a total of 8.2MM for the entire project. Within this cost, is included $300,000 contingency from the contractor and $300,000 in contingency within our soft costs. The structure of our proposal is a Guaranteed Maximum Price, not to exceed the 7.2MM in construction costs.

3.       Why is the cost so high?

a.       2 main reasons: There has been significant inflationary pressure in all construction materials since the end of COVID. Additionally, with this project, we are required by code to do additional work to our current building which we were not required to do previously. Primarily, we need to put in fire sprinklers throughout the entire building. This is an expensive and time consuming project.

4.       What will you do with youth groups during construction?

a.       When 406 is taken down, we will lose 4 youth rooms. We are looking into the possibility of renting trailers to keep on site to have youth groups in them.

5.       What about the minyanim during construction?

a.       That is still up for discussion. There are several different possibilities. The Nusach Sefard will be in the social hall and the Main minyan will remain in the Main. The 910 minyan will either combine with the main minyan leaving the beis Medrash available for the teen minyan. Alternatively, the 910 will remain in the Beis Medrash and the teen minyan may be cancelled or held off site. An additional possibility is to combine the teen minyan and the 910 in the Beis Medrash.

6.       What improvements are being made to the main sanctuary women's section?

a.       We are adding approximately 50 new seats with stadium seating along the west side of the shul. These will have improved views as they are looking directly down towards the Shulchan and front of the shul.

7.       What about the mechitzah?

a.       For several reasons, the glass partition that we tried were unsuccessful. We are still looking at additional potential options to help improve the sightlines but not at the expense of acoustics. Prior to any additional changes, we will discuss more fully with the women of our shul. 

8.       How many seats will be in Nusach Sefard?

a.       Nusach Sefard will have tables and chairs in the main section and we anticipate pews in the women's section. This will allow us to maintain the most flexibility for seating in the nusach sefard beis medrash. We anticipate being able to have a total of between 200-215 total seats. 

This is an exciting project, but it needs your financial support. Please make the Shul the priority for your charitable contributions. It is time to beautify our makom tefillah for ourselves and our children. The Shul and Rabbis play a central role in all of our lives and for many of us, the Shul is practically a second home. Please contact me or Jonathan with any questions. 

Building Campaign

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