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YN Babysitting 2019

All children who are registered must be at least three years old and fully toilet trained to register for babysitting. 
Parents must be in attendance at one of the Shul's minyanim in order for their child to be registered for babysitting.
The charge will be $10 per child for Rosh Hashana (includes both days) and $10 per child for Yom Kippur (includes up to all three time slots). Please note $ 10 is a flat fee whether or not you use the babysitting for all or part of the time. Your child must be registered, with payment submitted, to take advantage of our babysitting services. 
On or after September 19, there will be a price increase to $20 per child per time. We urge you to register your child as early as possible to ensure that we have the correct number of babysitters available. 


Rosh Hashana
Yom Kippur
Please complete an entry for each child on each holiday separately. 
  * Name When GradeGender
Wed, September 18 2019 18 Elul 5779