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Learning Sponsorship

Thank you to the following for sponsoring learning and shiurim in shul for the upcoming week: Rina & Nahum Felman, l'ilui nishmas Moshe Dov Ben Yeruchem Fischel, Rina's father; Esther & Shmuel Shayowitz in memory of Donny Morris and Talia & Neal Wigod, l’ilui nishmas Cheryl Wigod שיינא בת רב ברוך חיים, Neal’s mother. For future sponsorships, please use the following link.

Thank you to the following for sponsoring learning daf yomi in the upcoming week: The learning of Seder Moed is sponsored by Hannah & Elchanan Dulitz in memory of Rabbi Dr. Brian Galbut, Baruch Tzvi ben HaRav Reuven Nassan ve Rivkah Batyah Z’TL and Jennifer & Michael Wiederkehr l'ilui nishmat Esther bas Mordechai Menachem. The learning for Masechet Yoma is sponsored by Stephanie & Adam Summers for a refuah shelaima for Shira bas Devorah Leah. To sponsor an upcoming Seder or Masechet: Aaron Ross at

Weekly Schedule

Wed, June 23 2021 13 Tammuz 5781