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Learning Sponsorship

Thank you to the following for sponsoring learning and shiurim in shul for the upcoming week: Esther & Nechemia Crystal, l’ilui nishmasשיינדל בת אשר אנשיל, Esther’s mother; Rina & Nahum Felman l’ilui nishmas Sonia bas Eliezar, Rina’s mother, Leah & Phil Kazlow, l’ilui nishmas Dovid Avraham ben Shraga Gershon, their son and Esther & Shmuel Shayowitz, in memory of Donny Morris. For future sponsorships, please use the following link.


Thank you to the following for sponsoring learning daf yomi in the upcoming week: The learning of Seder Moed is sponsored by Hannah & Elchanan Dulitz in memory of Rabbi Dr. Brian Galbut, Baruch Tzvi ben HaRav Reuven Nassan ve Rivkah Batyah Z’TL and Jennifer & Michael Wiederkehr, l'ilui nishmat Esther bas Mordechai Menachem. The learning of Masechet Beitza is sponsored by Yaffa Leah & Dr. Jonathan Field, l’ilui nishmat Etta Simcha bat Yaakov, Jonathan's mother. To sponsor an upcoming Seder or Masechet: Aaron Ross at


Weekly Schedule

Fri, September 17 2021 11 Tishrei 5782