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Learning Sponsorship

Thank you to the following for sponsoring learning and shiurim in shul for upcoming week: Isaac Berger, l’ilui nishmas Ephraim ben Shmuel David, Isaac’s father; Susan & Jake Blank, l’ilui nishmas Yisrael Tzvi ben Yaakov Moshe, Jake’s father; Debbie & Moshe Mandelbaum, l'ilui nishmas Rav Moshe Avraham ben Asher Zelig, Debbie's father; Barbara & Jeff Teller, l’ilui nishmas Yehudis bas Yitzchak, Edith Teller, Jeff's mother; Libby & David Weil, l'ilui nishmas Harav Yechiel Yosef Elazar ben Chayim Yecheskel, Libby's father and Meredith & Kenny Yager, l'ilui nishmas Velvel Ben Yehuda, Meredith's father. For future (zoom) shiurim sponsorships please use the following link.


Thank you to the following for sponsoring learning daf yomi in the upcoming week: The learning of Seder Moed is sponsored by Hannah and Elchanan Dulitz in memory of Rabbi Dr. Brian Galbut, Baruch Tzvi ben HaRav Reuven Nassan ve Rivkah Batyah Z’TL. The learning of Masechet Pesachim is sponsored by Sharon and Michael Kronenberg l'iluyei nishmot HaRav Mordechai Yosef ben Azriel Zelig, HaRav Dovid Yitzchak ben HaRav Shimon Mordechai, and HaRabbanit Rivka bat HaRav Shimon Asher. To sponsor an upcoming Seder or Masechet, please contact Aaron Ross at



Weekly Schedule

Fri, January 15 2021 2 Shevat 5781