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Kol Nidrei Appeal Letter

Just a few short days into 5784, I write to you with pride and excitement after hosting 1028 mispallelim in our new building for the first time during a Yomim Noraim season. As we are in midst of this milestone, we reflect on our communal accomplishments in 5783. We were able to successfully build, refurbish and open our new social hall, Nusach Sfard Beis Medrash, Thames Beis Medrash, New Bridge Beis Medrash, new youth center and expanded lobby all in February, with the expanded main shul opening on Parshas Ki Savo and Donny Morris Beis Medrash opening on Rosh Hashana night (after some all-nighters from the construction team). Our expanded space allowed us to house all of our yamim noraim minyan on campus. With additional learning opportunities available, the sweet sounds of kol Torah reverberate throughout the building from the early morning to late at night. Our sisterhood continues to provide meaningful ways for our membership to foster old relationships and make new ones. Our youth department provides our youth the foundation of a love for the beis knesses and torah and mitzvos. I would be remiss to not acknowledge our amazing rabbanim and rebetzins who are available for our needs 24x7. 

With this in mind, now is the time to continue to invest in our growth. While we have asked you to support our building project over the past couple of years, it is at this time of year that we ask for your support with our operating expenses.  With an expanded facility, there are of course additional operating expenses (as you know from Rosh Hashana, we already need new smoke detectors). We are also increasing our programming even while absorbing increasing costs on existing programming.  We are counting on your support!

As we approach Yom Kippur and we look back on this past year, I ask that you consider the value that Beth Abraham has added to you and your family and respond generously to our annual Kol Nidrei appeal. The shul needs your support and I hope, as you are allocating your annual tzedakah, that you will please prioritize Beth Abraham.  

We will be accepting credit card donations via our PayPal Giving Fund account accessible via the Shul website. We encourage everyone to give graciously according to their means.


You can make a donation via the following:

1. Use this link If using this method, please email as well so it can be applied correctly.

2. Email the shul office at with your name and amount you wish to pledge.

3. Call the shul office at 201-384-0434.


Thank you, and may Hashem grant us a year of health, happiness, and nachas for us and all of klal yisroel.  


Glenn Pfeiffer


Wed, October 4 2023 19 Tishrei 5784